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Take part in a one-man investigation and solve the mystery of the disappearance of your brother. Find out the truth by exploring unsettling liminal locations. Be careful though, as your way through the nightmare will be paved with danger.

Discover the story chapter by chapter, with each one unveiling their common tragedy. Explore embodied horrors of human consciousness and fight your way through them to find your brother.

Your personal investigation leads you into an abandoned medical facility. Gradually, you discover its disturbing past, as well as what happened to people associated with it.

Delve into the memories of people associated with your brother’s disappearance. Experience the unexplainable, survive the unimaginable, and put the pieces together.

Avoid the dangers waiting for you on your way to the truth. Interact with your surroundings and take part in surreal experiences which may help you understand what happened.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorPiotr Rycabel
GenreAdventure, Puzzle, Survival
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, Horror, liminal, realistic, scary, Survival Horror


anthology-of-fear-demo-windows64.zip 2 GB
Version 1 39 days ago

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Amazing game,really liked the atmosphere and the graphics and i'm very curious about the story..can't wait for the full game to come out!!

Very nice game and graphics!

Really enjoyed the ambience and aesthetic :)

Thank you for the demo!


Beaux graphismes et très bonne ambiance

Hate de faire le jeu au complet


I really enjoyed what I was able to play of this (my OBS crashed during recording so only got about 10 minutes in). I plan on going back to it and getting the full Demo experience and checking out the Halloween update for it! This was really, really good though and highly suggest everyone to check it out! Uploaded what I had for a recording in a Horror Double Feature video. Hope you enjoy what I got!


God I enjoyed it. I see so much promise in this, and have already now added the game to my wishlist. But seriously, the voice acting is great, and the atmosphere is so thick. I had a ton of fun with this.

It does feel a bit disjointed, but as this is a demo, that makes sense. There were a few bugs, but I believe this was an earlier build, so this may be why which included a random swirling camera issue. But overall it's very polished. The music is great and ambient, and the scares are nice. 

I look forward to the full game, and wonder how it gets connected. But until then I recommend people give it a whirl. It's definitely worth your time. 

A lot of dumpies I approve. Mannequins are hot too if you look at them in a certain way. Anyways GG I had fun!!!


Great Game !
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Scary Scuffed Games #141 twitch.tv/ditodesign

Wished by Megapinguina

Dito: 3,5/5 predictable scares, nice riddles, sounds design was nice, game design was intuitive - it wents an extra step but I would liketo see the "monster" not being a bought asset.
Twitch Chat: 3/5

Thanks for the review! 
I've just released an update that fixes quite a few things - including a reworked monster and mannequins.


If you are interested, there is new update that fixes a lot of bugs and adds some new content. Including a little better story presentation and game lore.
And finally adds some context to all these mannequins (◕‿◕)


Really enjoyed playing this demo, looking forward to the full game

Thank you for playing and for video! 
Full version releases in few months so stay tuned!


Very solid demo experience! Fun short indie horror game (about 20 mins) which definitely feels like there's a lot more to explore in the full game! 7.5/10

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Thanks! If you are interested, there is new update that fixes a lot of bugs and adds some new content. Including a little better story presentation and game lore.

PS. It also gives some context to the mannequins :)


Really enjoyed this game demo! It definitely has a lot of potential in becoming an awesome horror game once completed! Can't wait to play the full release! 


Thank you for kind words (´。• ᵕ •。`)
Full version releases in few months so stay tuned!

Will do!



Thank you! If you are interested, there is new update that fixes a lot of bugs and adds some new content. Including a little better story presentation and game lore. Full version releases in few months so stay tuned!


Really a great horror game. 

Thanks, I'm happy you enjoyed it :)


This game is too sick!! Can't wait till it comes out fully! Honestly could be one of the greatest horror games yet!

Thank you! Full version releases in few months so stay tuned!
\( ̄▽ ̄)/


This Game Was So Good It Was Very Scary And Was Probably One Of The Greatest Games Ive Played On This Site!! Massive 11/10 Cant Wait For Release On Steam 

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it so much \( ̄▽ ̄)/

It Was An Amazing game fam loved it so much keep it up, i wanna get the full version 🥇


Awesome demo and great mystery in the plot! Good puzzle mechanics as well.

Thanks, I'm happy you liked it! :)

Thanks for making it!


literally amazing!!!! 


i ded



Dunno (。•́︿•̀。)


Really impressive game. Nice visuals and gameplay. Love the scenarios and puzzles are really smart. 

Thank you for playing and for the video


Great demo to the game! It's very interesting seeing the (different?) stories come into play. Some very beautiful environments and good scares in this one. Thank you so much for sharing!

I played this for my YouTube - if you want to watch then click here!

Thank you for playing and for video! I'm happy you enjoyed it :)

how do you turn off the motion blur it makes the game too hard to play

Sorry for the late reply. I've just released an update that disables motion blur by default. Also it includes game fixes and adds some new content. Including better story presentation and game lore.

ok thx!


Can't wait to play the full game! I will be a lot more prepared LOL

Thank you for playing! If you are interested, there is new update that fixes a lot of bugs and adds some new content. Including better story presentation and game lore.

Can  I play this game and put video of me playing the game  on youtube channel

Yes, of course :)


This was an incredible demo, and I'm hyped for the full game! The scares were great, the design was clean, and I love the mechanic of zooming in to interact with things! It's a fun change! I look forward to more! 


This is a really well made demo . It has its creepy moments. Im definitely going to keep an eye on this game!


This demo was great! I love the whole story and the style of the game! Can't wait for the full version!

Thank you! Full version will be released in a few months, so stay tuned :)


This Game Was Creepy And Well Made Thanks For The Scares

Thanks, you are welcome :)

a little bit confusing left me wondering what the heck was going to, really funn, oi got me a couple of times scared me hah. the weird thing in the bathroom really got me . this look really good. keep up the great work! 




Fantastic game!

wasn't so sure on the first VHS story wise, but the second was really well done. Brilliant graphics and good storytelling!

Check out my video.



I'm happy you liked it so much! 


Cool stuff! Curious about how the story ends, made you a lil video : 




I'm glad you liked it so much!
Thank you for the video, I'm definetely gonna watch it!


I will say that I was slightly confused as to what was happening in this demo but I was also very intrigued and want to know more. The sound design was really good and overall, the demo kept me on edge. I can't wait till the full game releases!


Full version will be less confusing, I promise :D



This game had a very nice atmosphere. Looking forward to the full game!


Thank you!


When you make demo's like this you have no choice but to want more for the full game! This one kept things really unpredictable and you are forced to stay on your toes. Also the story is really intriguing and with the way it ended i need to know what happened! Awesome work! 👍

Thanks, I'm happy you liked it

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