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AuthorPiotr Rycabel
TagsFPS, Horror, meta, Narrative, PSX (PlayStation), Short


Deathmatch_404.zip 35 MB

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no offense, but inspired? that is far too lesser of a term to describe this, this is what appears to be a borderline copy of the no players online itch.io page.


Liked it!


could you drop asset where is small demo scene with the lowquality effect/shader i need it pls

Incredibly unsettling.  Definitely has that No Players Online feel, but with more violence.


keeps crashing :(

I wish I could play this in High Resolution with HD Graphics!

amazing game! I’m still waiting to download  I am the caretaker but it’s not available. Is there any way I can access this game at all please? 

guys its theree it just im on the se3rver it wont let me play a world or anything


very good looks like no player online but this game is more better:)

не запускается в 1080р. не работает enter в меню.


Cool shooter! I think I had a weird glitch in there, but I enjoyed it none the less. ;{) ;{) ;{) ;{)


I told my older brother that I found this old game online and that it had 10 servers up but two online. he got scared when the crazy crap started to happen. game is fun.

Are you supposed to jump off the map, cause that's the only thing I could get to?

this is my vid on it no commentary or facecam just pure gameplay I think I'm gonna start uploading more vids so you should check out my channel 

Cool Game.

Game gave me goosebumps when my name appeared in the game. Loved the smooth game mechanics of this game.

It crashes for some reason. I-it's fine! But would be great to fix it.

my game does not want to launch how do i fix this?

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this video has all itch io games i made video on in 2020 including this one. I also wanna say thanks for the game and good luck for future projects. #hellofajourney 

my discord:


Does not work in 4k, but it does work in 1440p

muy buen juego


Tried out the game...


I loved the stylization of the game! I appreciated how it let itself be a spinoff of "No Players Online" while still creating some unique and genuinely scary moments. I felt the plot was a little lacking, but with the short length of the game that is completely understandable.

you could make a real DEATHMATCH 404 id LOVE it and im sure others would too lol posting dis cuz my fave rebex game ROOM servers are down


Don't work.

Played through this over on Youtube, and quite enjoyed it: 

It's a nice, spooky little game with a neat premise. The retro-style graphics give it some character, and the sound design is spot on. I definitely recommend this to those who enjoy short horror games.

Game crashes as soon as I boot it up. I hear the cassete being placed into the cassete player but then the game crashes


i tried running it on 720p and that fixed it, i'm gonna go see if any other resolutions work


apparently 1080p just doesn't work, so just try the other resolutions

This looks pretty spooky

clipped out of the map in the first 10 minutes. great game so far!

The game has no horrifying jumpscares but it still gave me goosebumps. Midway through the game i was really feeling terrified. I really loveed it.

Here's my reaction:

I really enjoyed this game. It took what No Players Online did and added another level to it. I really enjoyed the multiplayer aspect of it. I liked how the intensity builds in the game and you start to feel like "I am doing something horrible". I enjoyed the mystery left at the end as well. All in all, a game worth your time for sure if you're looking for a fun horror game to check out! Great job devs!

lol you gotta make a REAL deathmatch 404 so real online multiplayer and maybe a server hosting option it would be AWSOME

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Great game, loved the spooky cam effect but gives a little bit of nausea, can't get used to it. Its fun to play. Easy to control character and SFX were awesome. Didn't understand the story though but overall good game.

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This is a good game.Great atmosphere. Had a lot of fun playing.

Wierd one

Very cool game!  I had fun trying it out! 


Peace is good
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