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Hey man Imma just tell you this right now. I raged lol I legitimately had a hard time beating this game but I have to give you your props!The challenge was nice.I seen your anthology of fear Demo as well and i will be playing that demo and full game for my channel. Happy to run into good creators on this site.


YOOOO this is random but I just checked your itch page and I saw you made I'm the caretaker too. I loved that game! I think you took it down but I kept it because I liked it so much lol.

Anyways, I loved this game too! I'm just a sucker for Observation Duty style games but the twist of it being GTA themed is hilarious but also kinda cool and definitely unique. It gives off an old school "my copy of san andreas is haunted" creepypasta type vibes. 

I had a great time playing. Thanks for making it!

You did an excellent job with this game, Piotr! I laughed and I was freaked out because the atmosphere is uncanny! I want to play it again to see what else I can find on the cameras. I'll share this game in a Discord server that I'm in!

Gameplay BR, Nice game bro

I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.


I never thought in my life I would get jumpscared by Big Smoke. The game was great, loved the inspiration behind it, and it was executed beautifully. Props to the devs! ❤️

Stay safe and be responsible ❤️


Très très bon jeu !  J'aime beaucoup


Awesome! Just like Observation Duty. Keep it up! 

YOU've PICKED THE WRONG FNAF FOOL :v...nah, being honest the game is quite interesting and fun to play and the gameplay mechanics are awesome. I never thought San Andreas could become and actual "horror themed" game. By the way I really like how meta it's that you are some kind of QA employee hahaha :D

Here's some footage I've made: 


I loved this game, but unfortunately don't have the patience for it without saves or checkpoints... but I'll leave you with some wisdom. If you can eat your food, while everyone else is losing theirs, then you straight homie. Or something like that... great game!


Marvin seems like a nice guy; I would have liked to meet him; sadly, he wasn't there.


Loved the merge between both world! This is an eccentric yet effective horror game that really had me on the edge of my seat!


mmm nothing like a fire paintjob blade

oh yea


Really solid game!


For now it's just a simple game I made for fun in a few days - aside from my main project. 


Simply brilliant, managed to make Gta San Andreas scary and at the same time fun. I loved.



No-commentary playthrough:

After multiple rounds of frustration, I finally made it through! Still not sure what unknown error is supposed to be used for, but I guess it wasn't necessary for completing the game.

Thanks for gameplay!
To be honest - unknown error is one of the switcheroos to bamboozle some players :D


As if it's not already hard enough without the trickery! lol


This game was awesome. I don't know why but the GTA san andreas aestethic actually fits pretty well for an indie horror game

Hope you make more :D

I'm glad you liked it! I hope I'll make more. For now you can check my other games - aspecially demo of Anthology of Fear. It's way more serious horror :D

I will take a look at it :D


nice spooky

Thanks for the video!


really love this game! Was super creepy and fun to play, I would love to see more lore :3

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

It's possible that in the future I will somehow expand this project, or do something similar.  

But at the moment it's just a simple game I made for fun in a few days - aside from my main project.

And sorry, there is no better ending in the game :'D

well I’ll be sure to check out your other games great work ! :D