A downloadable game for Windows

A short narrative horror game.

Symbolically, the production depicts the struggle of man with depression and his internal demons.
Nothing you see is exactly what it really is.
This is not a ghost story or other fantasy monster story.

Because the real monsters are people themselves. 
Often against themselves.

Can you understand what surrounds you?

Game created in one week.

Check Anthology of Fear on Steam for more experience.

Please do not start the game in the Window mode, because it can cause game instability or crash.


Insomnia Awaken 1.0.zip 390 MB


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this game is very good, i really enjoyed it and put a bit of my humor on it :)


This..surprised me. I like to stay current at the quality level of free games (been an avid freeware gamer since Flash was king) and you still managed to...yeah, surprise me. So good. 

Keep in mind Depression is a daily struggle for me, and I have done a few drastic attempts where I was in treatment for many months at a time after. The metaphors in this at times felt too much like my inner thought process. 

There was a crucial "oh shit" moment when the second door opened that almost made me cry. I used to call myself the "Recursive Rabbit" as I felt like my days looped into themselves..a rabbit hole into a rabbit hole into a rabbit hole... it just wouldn't stop. 

I rarely comment on things here. This is going to be a shining example I link people to on both narrative in games, and free content out doing some larger AAA titles even in just a handful of minutes. 

You legit impacted my life positively with how well you portrayed mental illness in a game (something I at one time made a kickstarter about, as so few ever do) 


This is not only an incredible game, but it also has a deeper meaning  and more symbolism than most horror games I have played. 

i really enjoyed this game , i think you did a outstanding job by representing how it feels to live with depression 

it was just perfect , good work 

thank you 

here is my video is you are interested of watching it : 


Thanks for the video. I'm really glad you liked it so much. Thank you!

Was an interesting experience. 

Thanks for the video. I'm glad you enjoyed :)

Psychological and well-crafted. Definetely looking forward to the Anthology of Fear!

Thank you!

spooky as all hell

Thank you! :)

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks for the video! :)

I enjoyed your game! Thank you! It was great experience! ♥

Thanks for the video. I'm happy you enjoyed it :)

This game was very well made. The writing, the pacing, the atmosphere, everything was top notch. Here's my playthrough: 

Thanks for the video. I'm glad you enjoyed :)

A really good game. We loved the atmosphere and the black & white visuals.

Thank you!

what a interesting and scary little game!

Thanks for the video! :)

That was rough and hard to play through, especially once the gun appeared. Very well done though. I love how it's done in black and white.

Thanks for the video. I'm glad you enjoyed :)


For some reason this crashes for me after the first "I remember this place" lines every time :( Not running in window mode. 


Same here.  Using Windows 7 64-bit.  Tried running from the install folder instead of the itch application, same results.

thanks for the reply, glad it's not just me then :) I'm using the same, Windows 7, 64 bit.

This was extremely well made. Cut scenes were fantastic and the atmosphere was amazing. The black and white also added to the overall feeling of the game. Also thought i'd made a really good thumbnail till I looked below, lol, but overall this is well worth a play and for a made in a week game this was amazing. Big congrats... :)

Thanks for the video. I'm glad that you enjoyed :)

Thanks so much!

Interesting game, had me rambling and ranting about psychology and shiz

Thanks for the video. I'm happy you liked it :)

It's really cool how this game is focussed on quite a dark topic with real seriousness, you can tell this is a manifestation of a mental state, really captivating! 🙂

Thanks for the video. I'm happy you liked the game :)

Holy crap, this is very dark and a realistic view on depression. It definitely put me on edge and it works. Not sure if the swaying was intended or not.

But otherwise nice job.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Thanks for the video. I'm happy you enjoyed :)

That swaying was some kind of glitch, it shouldn't be as much as that.

Very dark, but realistic, not the most pleasant experience but I think that was the intention, well done

I'm happy that you enjoyed it in some way, more or less. Thank you! :)

Very crazy experience. Keep up the amazing work.

Hi, I'm glad You enjoyed, thank you! :)

Very unsettling game. I was afraid it was just going to be story and i was dead wrong. Nice job.

Thank you for playing and of course for gameplay! :)

good creepy. GG

Thanks :)

Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hoe you enjoy my gameplay  

Hi, I'm glad you enjoyed! And of course thanks for the gameplay, it's nice to watch :)

Thank you so much i'm glad you liked it :) .

I loved this game <3 Thanks for bringing a game of reality for a lot of people!

 Thank you for playing, and thank you for the video! :)

You nailed the meaning of the keys. :) 

Nice analysis of the whole, it was very pleasant to listen to it, I'm glad you enjoyed it!



That game looks boring at the start few mins but it becomes interesting as you proceed further :)) Awesome project Dev enjoyed it ;)  Rated 5/5. Your subscription will be appreciated and let me know about your new games. Looking Forward ^_^

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed :)

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This was an amazing game and the fact that it was created within a week is shocking and interesting. I really liked the atmosphere and monochrome environment created in the game as it really hit me in the feels. I also loved the exploration of the enemy within and the various factors that the protagonist was affected by and the storyline is great. I hope that the game can imcrease its gameplay time by maybe having more rooms to explore the emptiness within the protagonist and maybe we can also explore the contrast between the protagonist's past and the present to create a more horrifying and dramatic impact towards the player?

Thank you for reading my comment :).

A good game, sound quality, acceptable shadows and a fabulous story, I want to be able to try the game "Anthology of Fear" if you can send me a key or code, thanks for such a beautiful game, greetings from Spain ...

Thank you for playing, and thank you for the video! Anthology of Fear releases next year, so you will definitely have opportunity to play it :)

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